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Willow screening will compliment any yard or garden.It is the perfect solution for adding height to an existing fence, hiding things in the yard or for providing a natural privacy fence.

Landscaping involves more than just planting a few trees. If you are trying to create a natural rustic feel to your garden, it is important that any fencing you do reflect this mood. Willow screening will provide complete screening and yet will still give your yard a natural woodsy feel.

Unlike many fences, willow is often sold by the roll. This makes it ideal for hiding unsightly areas in the yard or creating specific zones. If you prefer, you can get willow by the hurdle. A hurdle is an old term that means a section of fencing made up of intertwined branches or twigs. Hurdles can be bought in different heights and lengths depending on your needs.

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One of the things that make willow screens different from other kinds of fencing is that it can be purchased in a number of decorative weaves. The flexibility of the plant allows manufactures to create an intricate weave that is both beautiful and practical. These panels can be attached to any existing fencing, or you can build a new fence by attaching the hurdles to either wood or concrete fence posts.


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A balcony is the ideal place to take advantage of the screening and flexibility of willow. You may not be permitted to erect a solid privacy fence, but you can easily attach willow screening. You can create a completely enclosed private area in a matter of an hour or two and not have to worry about the landlord or the neighbors objecting. The willow panel can be attached using wire or twine quickly to any existing fence or barrier and can be removed just as easily.


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Bamboo or willow screens can also be used as protection for plants. Since these fences are light and can be transported easily, they are perfect for use while waiting for a hedge to become established. Growing a hedge takes time and patience. In the interim, you can install a willow fence, which will provide you with privacy and will also help to protect the young brushes or shrubs until they are grown. You can also use this decorative landscaping tool to hide sheds and other unsightly things in your garden.

Willow screening is ideal for any person who wants to add privacy to their garden or yard, but still wants to give the yard a natural look.


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August 7, 2015

Mona @ 1:49 pm #

This sounds fine, just what I need. How much are these panels and how tall are they? Where are they available and can they be installed by someone.

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