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Retaining wall blocks can solve many of the problems in your yard.

People build retaining walls to make their yard more functional or safer. Walls are also built to add beauty and depth to landscaping.

You have two options when it comes to retaining walls. You can either hire a professional to come in and build the wall, or you can choose to construct the wall yourself. Professionals are expensive and depending on where you live, they may not be available when you want them. Building a retaining wall is not difficult, but it does require a bit knowledge and time. (Check out Heras fencing and how to install chain link fence)

One of the main reasons that people build retaining walls is to create a more stable yard. If your yard has any kind of slope, you may want to create two or three distinct levels. This will make the yard far more stable. Rain and snow can cause erosion problems, especially in an area where the slope is fairly steep.

Others want to build walls to enhance their yard. If you are willing to move some dirt, you can landscape your garden quickly. You can create raised flower beds, closed patio areas and any other decorative edging that you can imagine.


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Retaining walls can be made from a number of different materials. You can use wood, stone, concrete or Allan blocks. Wood is not the best solution due to the fact that it will become damaged by the elements. Stone and rock is hard to work with and will not create a straight wall. Additionally, if you are planning to use stone, you will have to find a way of solidifying the wall. This means working with concrete or mortar or some other similar compound.


Allan block


One of the great things about Allan block and other similar products is that they are easy to work with and are light. Segmental walls are easy to install. There is very little prep work involved. There is no messy concrete, and a wall can be constructed in a matter of hours. The wall will last for years and will not shift during the colder months.


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You do not have to be a landscaping expert to be able to design curved corners and angles. The blocks fit together easily. Some of the locking block systems use clips or pins. Depending upon the blocks that you use, you may have to put in an anchor. These add additional strength to the wall. Another great thing about these blocks is their look. Blocks come in a number of different colors and textures. Some people like the look of sandstone, while others prefer cobblestone.

Retaining wall blocks can be used to create solid retaining walls. They can create free standing walls, and they can be used to create beautiful raised gardens.


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